General Interest

Stellarium - a fantastic and beautiful planetarium for your PC - awesome and free !

StarGazers Lounge - the most useful and comprehensive forum for anything to do with Astronomy - a great bunch of friendly and helpful people.

UKAI - United Kingdom Astro Imaging forum - UK biased but very friendly and helpful people

Aurora watch - the best site for showing when Aurora is likely to be visible

Live Aurora - see the Aurora live !

Whats in the sky tonight - enter your location and it will tell you what you can see

UK Astronomy Buy and Sell - THE place for buying and selling anything to do with astronomy

APOD - Astronomy Photograph of the day - changes every day - some amazing images !

My Hi-Res images of deep space objects - Flickr album

My Hi-Res images of widefield objects - Flickr album

Clear Outside - Weather forecast for Astronomy

Ventusky - excellent general weather forecasting


Pixinsight - the Gold Standard for Imaging

Stellarium - a fantastic planetarium for your PC - awesome and free !

Stellarium Scope - this is an add on to the above programme - just click on the object you want and this add on will point your scope at it

PHD2 - free guiding programme

Astrotortilla - plate-solving software to make sure your scope is pointing where you 'think' its pointing

APT - Astro Photography Tool - computer control over your camera, filter wheel and imaging plans etc

EQMOD - the software that makes all of the above talk to each other and work in harmony - I can't believe that this is FREE!

FocusMax - computer control over your focuser

Astrometry - plate solving service - free.