by David Banks

Thanks for dropping by.

My winter hobby is Astro-Imaging.  In other words I take pictures of things I can't see in the night sky!

Does that sound like a hobby full of challenges?

This site is to share some of the lessons I have learned along the way from my first (terrible!) pictures taken whilst sat outside all night to more recently with a purpose built observatory remotely controlled from indoors.

It's also a handy place to put my images to show to family and friends

I hope you find something useful or even entertaining! Click on the three bars at the top left to see the menu for the other pages if you are viewing on a phone or tablet.

The photographs on this site were all taken by me and are roughly in chronological order - most recent at the top - hopefully you can see some improvement over the years - partly through better equipment - mostly through learning and experience. 

The content alters quite often - depending on how many clear, dry nights we get with not much wind and less than 50% moon - so not that often on the west coast of Scotland!

Enjoy !

David Banks (aka Skipper Billy)