by David Banks


A humbling message to all visitors to my site. Aston Smith is an 8 year old wee laddie. He has ADHD and Autism. He also has an almost fanatical interest in astronomy - so much so that he has just published his first book on Astronomy!!! He has extremely basic equipment and one of the reasons he wrote the book is to generate funds to buy a basic scope. His book is a fiver and I know times are hard but it would make a lovely Christmas present for someone you know. If you haven't got a fiver spare then why not send him a nice message?? You can buy the book or send him a message via this page It's a fiver for a wee boy - go on do something nice for someone you have never met.

Thanks for dropping by.

My winter hobby is Astro-Imaging. In other words I take pictures of things I can't see in the night sky!

Does that sound like a hobby full of challenges?

This site is to share some of the lessons I have learned along the way from my first (terrible!) pictures taken whilst sat outside to more recently with a purpose built observatory remotely controlled from indoors.

It's also a handy place to put my images to show to family and friends

I hope you find something useful or even entertaining! Click on the three bars at the top left to see the menu for the other pages if you are viewing on a phone or tablet.

The photographs on this site were all taken by me and are roughly in chronological order - most recent at the top - hopefully you can see some improvement over the years - partly through better equipment - mostly through more skill and experience.

The content alters quite often - depending on how many clear, dry nights we get with not much wind and less than 50% moon - so not that often on the west coast of Scotland!

Enjoy !

David Banks